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More New Books

the lost islandLots more new books in the library. They include :- ‘Little Leaders’ by Vashti Harrison- about bold women in Black History. ‘Hedy’s Journey’ by Michelle Bisson – a beautiful picture book which is a true story about a Hungarian girl fleeing the Holocaust. ‘The 1,000 Year Old Boy’ by Ross Welford –  a delightful, charming book, filled with humour. ‘Ringer’ by Lauren Oliver –  two girls, two stories, in one epic novel. ‘The Silver hand’ by Terry Deary –  it’s 1918 and the Great War is coming to an end. Will a young French girl and a German boy, embarking on an epic journey, live to see the peace. ‘Movie Night’ by Lucy Courteney –  can love be just like the movies? ‘The Lost Island’ by Laura Powell -a dangerous and spellbinding adventure in the second Silver Service Mystery. ‘Flame in the Mist’ by Renee Ahdieh – a story of feudal Japan with intrigue and romance.

Read and enjoy!




New Books

We have a lovely selection of new books in the library following a visit to the

Schools Library Service last week.

Come and have a look at the selection when there isn’t an exam taking place.


New Books

We have a lovely selection of new books in the library.


These include ‘This Careless Life’ by Rachel McIntyre. This debut novel could put you through the emotional ringer. Also a debut novel is ‘Countless’ by Karen Gregory. A heart-breaking, life-affirming, brave and bold different kind of love story.


‘OCDaniel’ by Wesley King is sometimes amusing, sometimes painful, but always rewarding as Daniel comes to terms with his OCD. ‘The Starman’ by Sharon Cohen is an edge of your seat adventure from a stunningly talented new writer for children. ‘Love and Gelato’ by  Jenna Evans Welch will be a sure bet for fans of romance fiction.

Also included are new books by popular authors Jo Cotterill, Philip Reeve and Michael Grant. Come to the library to see the whole selection.