Adisa – Performance Poet


Performance poet Adisa visited on Monday, 28th February.

He arrived in Lycra on his bike. A very impressive sight.

He talked to all Year 9 students in Thornden Hall. His engaging presentation, which included performances of his poems, ensured full student participation. The whole of the session was very interactive, with many questions being asked by the enthralled students

His performance was followed by two workshops for students ranging from Year 8 to Year 10. They were given a theme of ‘Revolution’ and were instructed to think about what revolution meant to them, to brainstorm their thoughts and finally to produce a poem. Some of the resulting poems were very powerful and stirring. One example is below.

‘Revolution is a never ending road of change.

On my never-ending road of change, there won’t be any hateful comments, because they will disappear into the air.

Everywhere you step you will leave footprint of positivity, free for others to use if they are feeling low.

All food will drive people to do something good for the world.

Happiness will spread like it’s the most contagious virus in the world.’


                                                                                                                                                            Nyah Russell


 Click onto this link to read the rest of the students poems.


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