Year 8 Author Visit – Matt Dickinson

Matt Dickinson, author, film-maker and Everest summiteer visited Thornden School yesterday.


He started the day running a creative writing workshop for 16 lucky year 8 pupils.  The writing tasks included what would you miss the most if you went to Everest and which fictional character would you want as a tent-buddy and why.  Pupils were encouraged to give reasons for their choices and write a story within a story.

This was followed by the main event in Thornden Hall. The whole of year 8 were off timetable for the occasion and were joined by pupils from The Romsey School and Hounsdown School.  His talk on ascent to the top of Mount Everest was very informative and the audience were asked to consider whether they would want to climb Everest when told of the risks/dangers involved, the living conditions, the difficulty getting to base camp and the cost.

Matt has used his experiences to write his ‘Everest Files’ books.

The morning ended with a question and answer session.  To answer one question Matt said it was much harder and in some ways more dangerous coming down Mount Everest than going up.


There was then an opportunity to buy one of Matt’s books and get it signed.


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