Jo Cotterell receives the Hampshire Book Award



On Wednesday 2nd November 11 Year 9 pupils were taken to Winchesters Guildhall to witness Jo Cotterell receive The Hampshire Book Award for her novel ‘Looking at the Stars’. They had been judges during Year 8 and had read six books over a period of three months and then voted for their favourite book.

The topical story about the life in a refugee camp for two sisters, who have to survive in appalling conditions, was voted for by the fifty plus Hampshire schools taking part in this award.

Jo Cotterell delivered an entertaining and humorous talk about her life and how she came to be an author. Emphasising the importance of reading and talking about the role of women in today’s society. She also touched on the refugee crisis today and how throughout history, whenever there is a war, refugees are inevitable.

This is a book for today and it proves that young people take the problems of the world seriously, otherwise it wouldn’t have been voted for.

Jo’s talk was followed by an opportunity to buy one of her books and meet her to have it signed.ss100570

To read Jo’s own thoughts on the day click on the following link

Heavenly Hampshire Book Awards!



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