Andy Briggs Creative Writing Workshop

Between his talks to year 7 and year 6 Andy ran a creative writing workshop for a selected group of year 7’s.  Explaining how to compose a story he likened it to three acts in a play. Act 1 being the beginning, Act 2 the middle and Act 3 the end. He also said you should think of dividing it into a quarter for the beginning, half for the middle and the remaining quarter as the end and you should write about what you know. Then they were divided into groups and  had half an hour to write their own stories. They were told to think about using ideas from their favourite films, genres and TV programmes. All those involved really enjoyed the session and the tips from a published author and script writer.


Below is the story written by Izzy and Maria


My feet skim across the path as my heart hammers in my chest, blood roaring in my ears. I gently place my feet in the turquoise, tranquil sea. A piercing pain shoots up my leg. I slowly lower my head to see a Twifish a stripy fish with razor sharp teeth. My mouth drops as I realise what has happened.

When I awaken the next morning, I slowly heave myself out of bed into the warm summer air. My feet still hurting with a piercing pain. I limp over to my mirror just to see my normal self in front of me, however that’s not what I’m greeted with. My  face is a pale as snow on a winters day and my teeth are as sharp as knives. “I’m, I’m, a ……..vampire?”

I run downstairs frantically, to where the front door is and swing it open. Two hours later and I’m in the sea trying to make this go away when a message in a bottle floats my way. I open it and it says “The only way to escape this curse is to save the Twifish you fear the most.” I must find the Twifish before sunrise…….or I’m like this forever.

I see a fishing boat in the distance. “This must be it”, I say to myself. I reach the side of it, panting with effort, as I see the Twifish from the corner of my eye. I hold it up. Is it too late?

by Izzy and Maria


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