World Book Day 2016


World Book Day is on Thursday, 3rd March.

£1.00 book tokens will be issued to all Y7, Y8 and Y9 pupils during the week via tutors.  Years 10 and 11 can collect theirs from the library. The £1.00 books available this year include ‘The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked’ by David Baddiel, ‘Spot the Difference’ by Jude Dawson  and ‘Kindred Spirits’ by Rainbow Rowell.WBD book kindred spirit

There will be a quiz at lunchtime on Wednesday, 2nd March, starting at 1.05 pm, as well as WBD book Spot the Differencevarious activities throughout the week. On the day we will be showing promotional book trailers in the library at lunchtime. Look out for further information in the Daily Bulletin.

For more information about World Book Day go to, @worldbookday or


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