Steve Feasey

IMG_3210IMG_3219Steve Feasey visited Thornden on Monday, 23rd November 2015 to talk to Year 8 pupils about his book ‘Mutant City’.

He told them all about the back story to the book and the different skills of the five main characters as well as generally talking about science fiction and fantasy, using examples to highlight the differences between the genres.IMG_3225

Steve read an extract from his book before answering pupils’ questions.  IMG_3207

Pupils then had an opportunity to buy a book and get it signed by Steve.IMG_3231

This was followed after lunch by a workshop in the library, where 17 selected fans of Steve participated in an extremely interesting and informative session. As well as asking questions and talking about writing and their favourite books, they had to write a few sentences describing their favourite place without using visuals.

Here is just one example:-

The cold spluttering wind whipped me in the face as I battled forwards – onwards – towards my destination. As my hand touched the chewing gum tattooed wall, I could feel a surge of relief as the familiarity of the brass handle emerged. Coming out of its hiding place a strong smell of metal – the type you get after holding a coin in your hand – filled the air. I touched the handle, its smoothness and coldness shocked me.’

This was a very successful author visit. Enjoyed by teachers and pupils alike. We would definitely have him back.


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