Chris Bradford: Bodyguard Show

Enhanced logoOn Tuesday 30th June pupils were very lucky to share an exciting day with Chris Bradford, the award winning author of The Bodyguard and young Samurai series of books. Chris was a professional musician, sharing the stage with many well known artists, before he became a full time author. He is also a martial arts expert and qualified bodyguard.


He split his first hour between two year 8 classes, where they took part in lively ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions. The pupils had been studying his books and had many questions for him. They were very excited to be shown his Samurai sword.  


This was followed by his ‘Bodyguard Show’ in Thornden Hall. He entertained and informed all of year 8, plus two visiting schools, with how he qualified as a professional bodyguard for research for his latest series of books, ‘Bodyguard’, with help from film clips and trailers. With pupil participation he read and demonstrated extracts from his books and also performed some restraint techniques. He also showed his Samurai sword during his promotion of his ‘Young Samurai’ series. Posters and wrist bands were given to pupils who took part. It was a lively and highly entertaining hour, which was followed by books sales and the opportunity to meet Chris and  have him sign posters and books.

DSC_0064After lunch it was a repeat performance, but this time to visiting year 6’s, who were spending the day at Thornden for their New Intake Day. The Hall was full almost to capacity with enthusiastic future Thornden pupils. They participated with enthusiasm and after the session couldn’t wait to raid their parents wallets and purses to purchase Chris’s books. Thornden Foyer positively buzzed as parents and children queued to buy books, have them signed and have their photos taken with Chris.  SS100491

It was a very successful day and we must thank P&G Wells Bookshop of Winchester for providing and selling Chris’ books.


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