Bali Rai, the British Asian author, visited Thornden on 11th March 2015


​He writes accessible material for children of all ages and backgrounds. He hopes his novels capture the unique ethnic mix of the UK.


He delivered a workshop to 28 year nine students, who had been identified as ‘Reluctant Readers’ by their English teachers. His forthright approach to the importance of reading was well received by the students. He emphasized the fact that you are more likely to achieve good qualifications if you read.


This was followed by a talk to all of year 9 and three visiting schools, in Thornden Hall. He again emphasized the importance of reading, punctuated by his own real life experiences and readings from some of his books.


This is Bali’s second  visit to Thornden to speak to year 9 and we plan to have him back next year. He is so well received by students and staff alike. His visit was preceded by a ‘Reading Week’ for year 9, when his books and style of writing was analysed. So the students were familiar with his works before the visit.



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