Wessex Schools Literary Festival 2014

Lit Fest Logo 2014

Only three weeks to go to the start of the Wessex Schools Literary Festival.  Authors have been booked and various other activities planned.Jenny McLachlan

Liz PichonThe authors visiting Thornden are Liz Pichon, Curtis Jobling and Jenny McLachlan.Jobling

Liz Pichon, who writes the Tom Gates books, will be talking to Year 6 pupils as part of their new intake day on 1st July. 

Curtis Jobling, author of the Wereworld series, will be talking to all Year 8 pupils on Wednesday, 2nd July. 

Debut author Jenny McLachlan will be talking about her first book ‘Flirty Dancing’ to a group of Year 7 and Year 8 girls.

Year 7 pupils will be learning about punctuation in an exciting and innovative way with the Punctuation Show.

More details on all these events will follow.  This year you can foltwitterlow the festival on Twitter @WessexLitFest and on Facebook.



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