Andy Briggs

Andy Briggs, author, screenwriter and producer, visited Thornden School last week to work with year 7 pupils.  They were all looking forward to his visit having spent time during their English reading week researching him.

To start the morning Andy ran a workshop with 20 lucky pupils.  They had to work in groups and come up with a book title and blurb to sell their ideas for a story.

We then moved into the Hall for all Y7s to listen to Andy’s talk.  They were joined by groups of pupils from Romsey School, Quilley School of Engineering and New Forest Academy.

Andy started by saying how important writing is.  Writers don’t just write books but write films, adverts, song lyrics, TV programmes (even all the stunts on Top Gear are scripted).  Andy talked about the different books he’s written – from graphic novels, the books and his new Tarzan series.  He showed trailers of the latest Tarzan film and his film Legendary, both of which will be released next year.

Andy travelled to Africa to research the Tarzan books and became involved in Ape Action Africa.  For every book he sells a donation goes to this charity.  He explained why apes are in danger and there were lots of oohs and aahs at the photographs of the baby apes.

The morning ended with many of his books being sold and signed by Andy.  Everyone agreed it was a very successful event.Documentary 027Documentary 056

Documentary 020


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