Simon Mayo

There was much excitement amongst year 7 pupils and staff for the visit of Simon Mayo yesterday.  Simon came to talk about his book Itch which has recently been published in paperback.  He said that initially he’d planned to write a short story for his son the length of two pages of A4 paper but it ended up as a book!  He talked about the periodic table, collecting things, the reasons for setting the book in Cornwall and the Radioactive Boy Scout as well as reading extracts from the books.  He also showed short video clips of a couple of experiments similar to those Itch had done in the book.

During the question and answer session we found out that Simon’s son had liked the book and has become an element hunter, where the name Itchingham Lofte came from and that the character of Itch’s element dealer was based on Russell Brand.  He’d also finished writing his second book late on Sunday night!

There was then an opportunity to purchase a copy of the book which Simon then signed.  There was a long queue of pupils and staff! 

We were joined by groups of pupils from Hamble and Hounsdown Schools who got here in spite of problems on the M27, as well as a representative from the Schools Library Service and one of the Governors.


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