Celebration of Reading for Pleasure event with Andy Briggs

A group of year 9 pupils attended this event and the following is a review of the morning by Taya.

Friendly banter rang out between pupils from all over Hampshire;  we were all here for one thing and that was Andy Briggs, author of the new superb modern Tarzan series, the Hero.com/Villain.net series of books and a screenwriter.  Most of us had never heard of him or maybe we had just caught a glimpse of his books in the library so the air was filled with trepidation;  we were, after all, here for the next three hours.  The judging moment was finally here.  Andy Briggs ran onto the stage bouncing and giving a whoop of joy (which was the start of many).  We just watched and waited for another one of those ‘talks’ that we get from authors.  However, he took us by surprise and took us literally on a virtual ride;  of his life, his books and, most of all, what it means to be an author.  Everyone was captivated by the grown man who ran across the stage, told our teachers they were apes and shouted out random jokes that were awarded by some laughter – and that is a hard feat indeed!  Not only based on his books his talk was based on how amazing the power of writing is and that there are many types of writers out there and we are the future, so if we don’t want to write no one else will be able to come up with games, TV programmes and songs.  His talk in one word was inspiring – wait I can’t describe it in one word – so it was captivating, immense and inspiring.

Go to Andy’s website for more details about his books and his fund raising for EAZA Ape Campaign.


Copies of Andy’s Tarzan and Hero.com/Villain.net books are available to borrow from the Library.


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