World Book Day – Review of the day

Thursday’s World Book Day events were a great success. All groups had the opportunity to read for ten minutes at the end of each lesson and completed Book Poll slips in exchange for their £1 book tokens. The fancy dress creations were inventive and inspired. Many congratulations to the winners. Unfortunately the book trailers were difficult to see as the sun came out, but the quiz was well supported. Well done to the English teachers for winning and for the teams comprising of Harlan, Simon, Ash and Mathew and Joseph, James and Adam for being joint runners up. They all enjoyed early Easter Eggs as prizes. The winner of the Bulletin Book Character competition was Miles Ricketts and we know he will enjoy spending his £10 book token. Many pupils entered competitions inspired by World Book Day, designing book covers and writing stories.

If you were unable to take part in the quiz on Thursday, no worries … click on the link below and have a go.  Answers at the end but no cheating allowed!

Try the World Book Day Quiz here

Many thanks to everyone who made the effort to make this day such a success.


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