World Book Day 2012

World Book Day is on Thursday, 1st March 2012.  There will be lots of things going on next week including the visit of Alex Scarrow, the author of the Time Riders series of books, on Wednesday.  He will be talking to Year 7 before doing workshops with other groups.  Have a look at the website

Starting tomorrow, there will be a daily question in the Bulletin on book characters.  Come to the Library with the answer and your name will be entered into a prize draw which will be made on World Book Day. 

Also on World Book Day there will be fancy dress – come to school dressed as a book character!  Who will you be?  Harry Potter?  James Bond?  Alice in Wonderland?

We’ll also be holding a quiz at lunchtime in the Library – more prizes to be won!

During the week all pupils will be invited to take part in a Book Poll. They will be asked to nominate their three favourite books. The aim is to compile a Top Ten list of Thornden pupils favouite books and display the results.



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