What Did You Read During the Holidays

Did you read any good books during the holidays?  Did you get given any new books for Christmas that you’d recommend?  Let us know in the Library or post a comment on the blog.

Mrs. Taylor finished reading Breaking Dawn.  Having seen the film Breaking Dawn Pt 1 she had to find out how the book finished.  She also read Death Comes to Pemberley by P. D. James which is a sequel to Pride and Prejudice.

Mrs. Morton read Just Henry by Michelle Magorian. It was much better than the recent TV drama, of course, books are always much better. For any of you that are not aware, this is a book by the same author as Goodnight Mr. Tom and it’s just as enjoyable. Before this I read Being Billy by Phil Earle. This is a T+ book about Billy who has been in the care of Social Services all his life. It’s only his little brother and sister that keep him going, but even they can’t keep him out of trouble! This down to earth, moving book will reduce you to tears. This is a debut novel.


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