Hampshire Book Award – Winner Announced

HBAHave just returned from the voting event held at Winchester’s Discovery Centre where the winner was announced.  Two members of our voting panel, Miles and Simon, joined pupils from other schools in Hampshire in a discussion about the shortlisted books with a Librarian from the Schools Library Service.  They then voted for their favourite before taking part in a quiz.

Meanwhile I was in another room with all the other School Librarians and Teachers where we also voted and did the quiz.

Finally we all came together in the main hall to hear the results.  The winning book from the votes cast on the day by both pupils and Librarians was Time Riders.

The result from the votes cast by everyone who took part throughout Hampshire was:

6th Diary of a Wimpy Kid, 5th Monster Republic, 4th Two Good Thieves, 3rd Death Cloud, 2nd Halo meaning that the winner (by 6 votes) was

TIME RIDERS by Alex Scarrow

Time Riders by Alex Scarrow

Copies of all six books are available to borrow from the Library.

We anticipated that this book would do well and have booked Alex Scarrow to visit Thornden on 29th February 2012.